Tiffany Reeves

Meet Tiffany

Hi friends! I'm Tiffany and I am so happy you've landed here on my page. I'm a wife to a burly, bearded, steelworking man who happens to love oils just as much as I do. I'm a mom to 2 teenage boys and 2 male rescue pups. I'm just living in a house full of testosterone, giving it my all at mending these wild boys with natural remedies and ALL the oils. We enjoy nature, the outdoors, and vacationing in the mountains. It's where my heart feels most at home while feeling grounded and centered. Mountain air is life!


Just a few short years ago I built a small soy candle company named Borrowed Earth. Always an all-natural seeking mama, my goal was to use natural products in my candle making. While I enjoyed it immensely I wasn't aware that there was a better, more holistic way to create atmosphere by using the pleasantries of essential oils. Fast forward to more recent years, my oldest son had a wild affection for pine, any and all things pine. We discovered that all those days of making candles had created a mind/emotion link between aroma and beautiful memories from his younger years. Light bulb moment! That's when I decided to help others bring non-toxic, beautifully aromatic products into their lives, encouraging others to embrace a more natural approach to everything from keeping home and making memories, to supporting our wellness, and creating abundance. Join me as we journey together in wellness.


Conowingo, MD USA - Cell: 443-834-4776

If it’s possible for a spirit to soar, I’m at 10,000 feet with the eagles.