The Oil Method Mentorship Package



Four Essential Oil Study ebooks

The moment you join our team you will get access to our four essential oil study ebooks. We will work through 48 different oils, if you focus on one oil per week that's basically a full year worth of wisdom. We will cover where they come from, what they do, their spiritual, emotional, and mental benefits + we will look at their complementary chakras and profiles.

Four new Courses each year

With the change of every season, you will have access to a new course filled with Essential Oil knowledge. We will go over seasonal immunity through essential oils, new research, the best way to use oils, we will look at yummy recipes and DIY beauty products for that season. 


The rhythm of abundance is a course designed to get you connected to the flow of abundance. You will learn how to manifest with the moon + learn more about which tools you can use to enhance your manifestation power. We'll share empowering essential oils that can help you stay focused on your goals and powerful affirmations that can help you build up your energy.



Online 24/7 Exclusive Membership Group

You will get access to our 24/7 member exclusive support group on Facebook. I will be available for you in the group each and every day + you have a whole tribe of people to build a beautiful connection with and learn from. In this space you can ask all the questions that you have regarding oils, growing your network, teaching classes, building your own team etc. Building online communities is one of our specialties, you will feel right at home. 

Unlimited chat and email support

If you are in need of more specific help regarding oils or building your team I'm always available for you via chat or email. If you have questions that need to be answered right away, I'm there for you. 

Monthly membership newsletter

Each month you will receive a newsletter from us in which you can find the new monthly Essential Reward promos, the latest YL news, we will introduce our new members here, share tips and tricks for building your network, announce our seasonal eCourses and their start dates and we will be running quarterly giveaways withing our team.



Branding Material To kickstart your business

In our member group you will have acces to all sorts of branding material. You will find graphics to share on your Instagram Stories or your feed, images to use on your Facebook and we keep on bringing you new graphics and images monthly.

Monthly fresh set of stock photos

Having beautiful product photos is what most people struggle with. Fortunately, I don't. And I don't want you to struggle with that either. So each month I will give you access to a new set of stock photos (shot by yours truly) that you can download and use where you see fit. 

Essential OIls 101 Class material

The most fun and rewarding part of being part of the YL family is that you get to teach others what essential oils are and what they can do for you and your family's health. Apart from the 52 weeks of oil study, and the courses you will receive throughout the year, you also have essential oil 101 class material available to you which you can use to give in-person or online classes and grow your team right from the start.