The Oil Method
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We cracked the code.


Let me start by telling you about my why. 
I'm known for dreaming big, but also for making those dreams a reality. 

I wake up with the sun, get out of bed without waking my husband and make myself a cup of coffee. I get some puppy cuddles on the porch, take a moment to myself while looking out over the valley before I jump into the shower. My man wakes up and we have pancakes for breakfast before we both slowly start another day of helping people become healthier, happier and enjoy a lifestyle filled with love and abundance. 

Sounds like a dream right? I've searched and searched until I found a way to make this a reality. The first time I looked at the income disclosure + compensation plan that YL offers I just couldn't believe it. I've never come across a company that is so generous and so well thought out. No ceiling, no working for the man, no strict hours. On top of that the effect that their products can have on your and your family's health are incredible. 

We cracked the code. We found the way. 


Build the Lifestyle, join the Community.


So what are essential oils really? They’re the lifeblood of a plant, and when these plants are grown in the right conditions and distilled with love and devotion they can help us with keeping our bodies healthy + vibing high, and our souls happy -  which is our birthright. Essential oils are composed of teeny molecules. These molecules are so small that they can pass through our tissues and directly into our cells.  Our systems are super effective and can transport these molecules all over our bodies within a matter of minutes. 

But not all essential oils are created equal!  

Not all oils are safe to use in the ways Young Living essential oils are. Those oils you see at the health store cannot be ingested the way YL oils can.  Unfortunately it's very easy for other essential oil brands to have misleading “100% pure” labels - yet contain synthetic oils and additives. You do not want to have those oils anywhere near you.

The reason I decided to join YL is that they’ve invested in their own farms, care for and nurture their own plants, trees, and shrubs, and finally distill, test, and bottle the oils that arrive on our and your doorstep.

This is called Young Living’s Seed to Seal® process. And it is unmatched. Every step from planting to bottling is detailed and controlled.

We use our oils in three different ways, topically, aromatically, and internally.  


YL Essential Oils can be applied directly to the skin - always remembering to check your labels for dilution instructions. Some oils need to be diluted with a carrier oil while others can be applied directly to the skin with no dilution. Using oils on your feet is a quick and efficient way to get oils into your system.  You can also wear essential oils as perfume.


Oils can also be inhaled directly from the bottle, or by using a diffuser.  This is actually the quickest way for your body to use the oils. And your house will smell amazing. This might be my favorite way, we have diffusers set up in each room and diffuse oils that can help us work, relax or sleep better.


Lastly, because of Young Living’s therapeutic grade of oils, there are many oils that can be taken internally as a dietary supplement. You can add oils to your water, or even into a capsule. The Vitality line is clearly labeled for this use. These oils are also delicious to use in the kitchen, peppermint oil in a cacao drink is my fav.



Build the business, join our Team.


I have been helping start ups with creating their brand for years. As a web designer, photographer, brand magician and entrepeneur I know how to set up for succes.

I've been there, I started from scratch. I learned everything by trial and error, I lost count of the evenings and weekends I spend learning myself all the skills that I use in my business today. And now you don't have to. In joining our team I will make my tribe, my community, my skills and my support available to you. The authentic part you need to do yourself though!

What does the mentorship include? After you have signed up with YL and ordered your very first  starter kit (best decision of my life!) you will receive an email from me within 24 hours which will give you immediate access to our member area.

Here you will find:

Four Essential Oil Study ebooks

Four brand new eCourses each year

Online 24/7 Exclusive Membership Group

Essential Oils 101 Class Material

The Rhythm of Abundance course

Monthly fresh set of stock photos

Unlimited chat and email support

Monthly Membership Newsletter

Branding Material to Kickstart your Biz


So why did I create the Oil Method? Cause I don't want you to just join our team. I want to make that dream that I have a reality for you as well.



I can't wait to welcome you into our community! We're all so excited to meet you. Lock arms with me and join us on our journey towards abundance and freedom and wellness.