How To (Re) Connect With Your Intuition


Listening to your intuition can be a very effective relaxation technique. In order to really listen to what your soul - the seat of your intuition - has to say, you have to be in the moment and completely let go of everything rational. By doing this your body and mind will relax and let the soul take over for a while. But following your intuition can be pretty challenging if you haven't used it in a while. Here are some tips to help you connect to your own intuition again.

Take thoughts that come to you seriously. All of them. Remember them or write them down so that you can reflect on it later.

"Sleeping on it" really works. When you want to intuitively feel into complicated issues, write down all your thoughts and considerations and go to sleep. The next morning you will feel which decisions is best. 

Relax. Ask your subconscious a question and then do something else, meditate, gardening, make music, take a hot bath, move, anything - and see what comes up.

Look out for signs and symbols in your area. What do you notice, what catches your attention and what does it say about you or what you're up to?

Feed your subconscious: use your senses, read stories, listen to music, craft, paint, dream, fantasize, daydream, give your imagination the free rein. That what is coming out of your hands is pure soul language.

Dare to be alone and make your own decisions. Your intuition is a highly personal, customized compass, so take the space to listen and have the courage to act.

Take a time out and let your subconscious do its work when you have to make important decisions. Check in with yourself throughout the day: what do you feel?