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Stephanie Stirling

Meet Stephanie

Hey! I’m a woman who lives in the grey areas of life but loves her boundaries laid out in black and white. If you ever have a question for me throw it out there. I’m a strong voice but it’s attached to a level head so bring up the tough stuff, together we can take it. I have a small business I opened 2015 in partnership with an amazing woman whose relationship I treasure. We compliment each others strengths and weaknesses beautifully. I became part of this beautiful YL world and tied it organically into my whole life in 2018. It felt like coming home. I had found a way to connect my roots in agriculture with my future as an entrepreneur outside the industry I love now within.


I have battled with my inner voice for so long in the name of being accepted. I have never comfortable, never been fully understood, never trusted in my own journey to wellness. As a woman in my late 20s I began to awaken and accept that I have an intuition I need to stop quieting and it was terrifying. Knowing I needed to get back to who this woman/mother/ divorcee/ committed partner/single mom/entrepreneur/business partner really was.  I began training hard at the gym, re-claiming my early mornings as mine.  Then I got back into working cattle and playing tug of war, things I did as a child to bring me joy and hard lessons.  My kids were confused and my spouse… well ultimately we didn’t make it through my about face.  Then in Feb 2018 the universe finally stopped knocking on my door, being shooed away and trying again.  The universe set me on my ass.  Over the course of the next 8 months I got lost.  My mental state dropped to a low leaving me unrecognizable to my business partner/best friend, my own family.  Physically it began in my trouble zone and I all but lost the use of my left arm. A lovely community member shared her Essential Oils with me and they did make me feel better, them among other treatment options I was trying. I didn’t connect. Then my body began shutting down the communication highway along my now twisting spine, and my overall condition became a shadow of itself. I became unable to work in my business I love, unable to parent my 3 strong and supportive kids. The universe was hollering at me to listen. Finally and devastatingly a 911 call from my studio one afternoon in June took away the last of my independence and I moved in temporarily with my mother for my own safety. I didn’t have hope anymore, 16 years learning to deal with pain and this is how it ends eh? Mid July 2018 I was introduced to an Acupuncturist/Osteopath who uses YL oils as a part of her practice. 3 weeks later and a good long chat during a session I bought my first oil from her and went home that day to begin researching the other 3 from my list.  I connected with just the right person at just the right time.  At home the universe stepped in again.  Guided me to people who taught on how to keep the door open and purchase what I was going to use in my new wellness plan for the best value. This friend didn’t sell me anything. She GUIDED me to spend where I was going to invest in myself anyway under an old wellness plan and turned it into a suitcase of plant magic. Guided by the Osteopath and the tutelage of those I became connected with in The Oil Method I learned fast and furiously. Sitting here at this keyboard a mere 6 weeks after my official introduction I have a new lease on life. I’m planning the future, I’m engaged online with the men and women here learning from them, I’m planning our 2020 vacation with my kids again. My kids aren’t afraid anymore; they are embracing the oils more deeply as my health continues to improve. There is still physical pain, still hard moments of doubt, but my spirit is back. I am still waiting to hear what the modern medical community thinks has occurred in my body.  I will call 911 again if I need to save a life but I will always reach for my plant magic to assist me whenever I can.  

I am in control of my own wellness.  

I am a strong, healthy, and fit, mind, body and spirit.  

We say we are born into the universe but we are born from it. Just as the ocean waves, the universe peoples.
— Jim Carry