Sandra Ware

Meet Sandra

Hi I’m Sandra a mom of 4 girls, Wife, Labor and Delivery Nurse, Newly Committed Homesteader and together with my husband’s help, we homeschool our girls. We live in beautiful Northern California, out in the country with our dog Luna. I am an old ER nurse of 13 years, I am an introvert by nature and I’m all about the life at home. I love spending time with my husband and children, exploring the outdoors, going on little adventures, living life to the fullest and showing them anything is possible with love, kindness and compassion. Even with all of this activity here in our home I really strive to make time for self care. I am a long time yoga and meditation practitioner and incorporating Young Living Oils into busy life has really brought an sense of added peacefulness and has been a great adjunct to our goal of a clean and healthy lifestyle. Even though i am an introvert at heart , i love that one on one connection I have with my patients, my family and my hope is to connect with you and assist you with your wellness goals.


Did you know that men cycle hormonally on a 24 hour cycle and women cycle hormonally about every 28 days give or take a day. Yes i mean we all know this right. But the first time I really heard this, my mind was blown. I mean no wonder we drive our husbands and family crazy. This is why we are never the same person day after day. People may get the same version every month but not every day. So once I hit 40 my hormones really began to run a muck. I was not only hormonal, moody and just felt out of balance. I knew my body was telling me that needed something to help it deal with the internal turmoil it was experiencing. This was when I had a big choice to make pills or plants. Then the next big choice was who to go with. I tried a few different types of oils, both from local sources and name brands. My choice was to go with YL because of their ongoing dedication and commitment to bring people high quality oils in combination with still being mindful to encompass the impact on community and or ecosystem. This in combination with being able to serve people and helping then start on their road to wellness brings my being such great joy. 



I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion—and where it isn’t, that’s where my work lies.
— Ram Dass