What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow. Our life is the creation of our mind.
— Buddha

Still the Mind.

We all have heard of meditation. A lot of us believe it has something to do with learning how to stop thinking. While that is not truly possible because of how our brain operates it is somewhat meant in that direction. The brain needs to operate 24/7 in order for us to stay alive, but we can control what the mind is providing the brain to focus on. The goal of meditation is to still the mind and take control over what thoughts we let our mind grasp. 

With some practice you will be able to put a filter on the crazy amount of information the world surrounding you offers. With some more practice you will be able to take back control of your mind and what it wants to connect to. 

Turn your Meditation into your Manifestation

But how can we use meditation to manifest our dreams you ask? Let me explain.

Your mind creates everything that you have and hold. In order to become aware of what it actually is we want or need, it first needs to be dreamed or thought of. In your meditation practice you will have the possibility to silence and focus your mind. With a still mind and an open heart we can start tapping into all that we are and all that surrounds us. In meditative state you will have the possibility to connect to your energetic body and hear your soul's desires. 

The essence of your manifestation!

When your soul's desires become clear, you can focus your attention and intention towards it.

Thus by stilling the mind you will be able to manifest your deepest dreams and desires. Being able to still the mind is a practice but it will, most likely, not happen overnight. Luckily, through the millennia of our human existence, we had and still have ascended masters that give us a lot of meditation practices. 

We all have our own truth and in having that we are all similar but very different.
Each person will have it's own preference when it comes to meditation styles, I personally have a very active mind and stilling the mind is easier for me when I'm being guided. Choose what feels right for you and if you want you can form it into something you feel connected to.

There is no wrong or right. There is only growth.

Where Attention goes Energy flows; Where Intention goes Energy flows!

Manifest Meditation

It is in this humble light that I want to share a meditation practice to help you still your mind, bring focus and support you in manifesting your dreams. 

Living is breathing. Breathing is living.

Each second we breathe and without it you and your manifestation will die. Very honest, very real. The beauty about our breath is that it can also be the seed of our meditational focus.

Most of us just simply don’t focus on it that much because it it is regulated in our brainstem. It is the oldest part of our brain. The part of the brain that regulates all basic needs; breathing, heartbeat, organ function, etc ! We don’t think about it because we don’t have to. But that doesn’t mean we can’t focus on it and improve it.

Most of us are not breathing in our full manifestation power because we are not breathing correctly.

Beginning your meditation practice with correct breathing techniques will give you the foundation for all manifestation meditation goals that you can dream of.

Take a comfortable position.
It can be sitting in a cross-legged position or on a chair with your feet flat on the ground.
As long as your back is straight and your arms are rested alongside your body.
Laying down on your back also works but is not advised because sleep can come more easily and steel away your focus.

Now start focussing on your breathing.
Breathing needs to happen from your core.

Breath in & stretch your diaphragm in doing so.
You can feel that you are breathing in correctly if your belly bellows outward.
Breath slowly as not to hyperventilate your body, take it easy. 

Breath out & relax your diaphragm in doing so.
You can feel that you are breathing out correctly when you find your belly moving inwards.

Just relax.
The focus here is to get your full mind on the breathing technique.
Try to focus fully on three inhales and exhales.
Your goal is to be focused on your breathing without your mind drifting to something else. 

When you reach this point, focus your mind on your deepest desires.
It is best to pick one thing at a time in order to make your manifest meditation really powerful.

Each breath-in, you repeat your manifestation goal and offer it to the universe with your breath-out.
Constantly aware of your core breathing technique.
You can do this for as long as you want.
Your intuition will tell you when you are done.

It is a practice, some meditations will last longer than others.
Again there is no wrong or right here.

It is your practice.

This breathing technique is not only the base for your manifestation meditation,
 The breathing practice alone can also help you to shake off a stressful day or just regain your equilibrium when needed. It relaxes the body, and gives your brain all the oxygen to work well.


Take Action!

Create a beautiful sacred space for yourself, light some incense, bring a cup of tea with you, and wear comfortable clothing.  If you have an altar set up in your house, you might want to sit in front of that. Give the breathing techniques a try and turn it into a manifest meditation. Let us know in the group how it went and share a snapshot of your altar/meditation space!

Get crystal clear on your desires during your meditations by using some of the crystals below.

Never underestimate the power of crystals! We love using them during our meditations to amplify our manifestation intention. 
Here are the top five crystals to use when manifesting.

Citrine + Pyrite
These two are often used together to create some very powerful manifestation! If you are prone to anxiety, (which is associated with the solar plexus chakra) both of these stones are great to work with for yellow chakra problems. Pyrite is super grounding and very protective but it's also a great tool for manifestation. Both golden yellow in color, these stones (both separately and together) draw happiness, creativity, and power to those who use it with intention. Citrine is specially used to manifest abundance and money. Hold one piece in each hand during meditation and you can also choose a particular affirmation as well to help focus on your intention.

Rose Quartz
This popular crystal opens up the heart chakra, allowing you to attract more love into your life. If you chose to manifest love through manifestation make it clear if it's a romantic love, familial love, or self-love. To strengthen the intention again you can choose a specific affirmation or use rose essential oils to strengthen the intention and energy. Sleeping with Rose Quartz next to your pillow can work too, just do a light meditation before bed holding the crystals and spend a few minutes setting your intention.

Iolite is not only gorgeous to look at (it's purple with shimmering orange spots) but it also enhances the use of the imagination! Imagination is incredibly important when setting the intention to manifest something into your life. Adding the element of imagination opens up the mind and heart's true desires and attracts it to you. Imagination reminds us not to set limits for ourselves in terms of what we deserve.

Similar to Citrine this stone is used to attract wealth and abundance. Jade is a stone of good luck and fortune. A lot of people turn to the energy of Jade to aid with financial issues or to help with big financial decisions. Jade is a heart chakra stone so in addition to being used to attract abundance and wealth, it also opens up the heart chakra to attract what your heart truly desires!

If you are looking to attract opportunities Aventurine used in combination with Citrine and Jade will be the crystals you need to start hanging out with. Aventurine like Jade and Citrine is all about luck and good fortune. It's called "The Opportunity Stone". When manifesting, it's not practical to expect the things you wish for to land on your doorstep. It's going to take hard work, intention and your true hearts desire to make it come into your life. However, crystals can aid with presenting you with OPPORTUNITIES to get what you desire.