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It's time we start to thrive instead of survive in our lives.


Changing your lifestyle can be so many things at once. Freeing, challenging, scary, you will be cheered on, judged or be called "Weirdos" or "21st Century Hippies" like we have been. And that's all good, it's all part of the journey towards the lifestyle that you desire. Follow your heart, nourish your soul and make this life one magical, epic adventure!

screw the norm and let's create a life that we truly enjoy living.

OILS - Essential oils are one of the biggest parts of my lifestyle. They are part of pretty much any activity throughout the day. They help me clean my house, stay focused during work, wind down in the evening, they are in our water, our food, our supplements and in our beauty products. If you want to learn more about oil then I invite you to join our free education group or join our team and become a member. 

KITCHEN - My husband used to be a cook back in the days so the kitchen is mostly his domain. However, I am very passionate about creating herbal and adaptogenic elixirs, infusions, smoothies and desserts. Some of our must-haves in the kitchen are a Vitamix, Mason Jars in different sizes, our beloved Berkey Water System, and our crockpot in which we brew our Chaga tea.

CLOTHING - A while back I decided to get rid of almost anything in my closet that was made out of polyester (plastic). I kept all my cotton garments and from that day on I only spend money on organic cotton, preferabley handmade because I like to support small companies who go the extra mile. My fav's at the moment are Elven Forest, Gaia Conceptions, Synergy and Patagonia for outdoor clothing. 

DOG - We rescued our pup Eli from a shelter where there was a Parvo outbreak in the puppy den. He was about to be given a shot, but we adopted him and luckily with the help of our vet he was able to fight the virus. That left him with a sensitive stomach so we keep him on Orijen dog food, probiotics, the YL dog oils and a teaspoon of coconut oil each day. 

VARIOUS - Some last things I want to mention are. For some soulcare check out the Merkaba Box. It's magic. If you tend to use your computer or other devices after sundown, install Flux. Flux removes the blue light that messes with your melatonin and so you will sleep a lot better. If you own crystals, put them out in the moonlight on a full moon to cleanse their energy. Invest in air purifying houseplants, and have a few in every room. And yes they grow better if you talk to them. 


Deep Relief
A lifesaver for a workaholic, introverted Gemini like myself.