“Lets uncover those hidden gems that are waiting right beneath the surface. Align your desires with how you build your business through this course.”

Welcome to the Oil Method Business course.

I'm excited to teach you more about how to present yourself online, how you can use your social media channels to grow your business, and to share the tools I use on a daily basis to build my Young Living Business.  

I recommend grabbing a notebook for this course and writing down every idea, dream and though that comes up, there is magic in writing down your dreams!

Let's take a look at the topics we will cover in this course.



Let us discover the Why behind this business. Knowing your why makes it much easier to visualize! let's dive into our mission and how to get to the top.

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We're going to take a look at your online presence in this module. What can you do to improve your social media channels? And how can people reach out to you?



In this last module we will be looking into the future and prepare to rise. I will share all my favorite tips and tools with you and I have a little gift waiting for you!