The Rhythm of Abundance


Are you ready to manifest a life that you are crazy in love with? 

Did someone ever tell you to 'quit daydreaming' or 'be realistic'? We're here to tell you the opposite. Spend lots of time on dreaming up your future, preferably out in Nature or under a star-filled sky with the Moon watching over you. So go ahead, dream big dreams. Stop being realistic, it won't do you any good.

Your mind is your only limit.

Below you will find the links to the six modules I have prepared for you. I recommend that you bookmark this page so you will have easy access to all the modules. 



In this first module we're going to give you an idea about the topics that we will cover during the course, we will explain a bit more about what manifestation means to us, and we've got a few action steps for you to start with right away.



Now, take a few deep breathes. Because in this module we are going to still your mind and find what is hiding beneath the surface. Find a quiet nook in your house or find a beautiful tree to sit under. It's time to turn inward.



In this second module we will dive into visualisation, which is a powerful manifestation tool. The beauty of visualisation is that you can practice it anywhere, anytime, and you can spend as much time on it as feels comfortable.


Write it down

In the fifth module, we're going to do some serious writing. No random "today I went to the market" scribbling. No, you're going to write down your visions, your dreams and your goals and by doing that, you send them out into the universe to be realized. 


The Moon

You can see the New Moon as the birthing phase in the Moon's cycle and it is the perfect time for setting your intentions and dreams. So in module three we are going to reach for the stars.
It's time to bath in the moonlight.



In this last module were going to learn how to work with gratefulness. Yes this might sound really cliche but by being grateful for every 'little thing' in your life you automatically invite more things to be grateful for into your life! 

May this course bring you all the abundance, happiness, confidence and trust you need to create the lifestyle of your deepest desires.