This is my process from start to finish when it comes to selling a kit.
I'm going to list the basic steps first, then go back and elaborate if needed.

1. Posting
Post a story on Facebook or Instagram or my blog about using oils/or mention them when someone asks what to do for X, Y, or Z.

If someone comments on my post and shows interest, I ALWAYS respond to them in the actual post. I answer the question and just start a natural conversation. I will also always post "I'll shoot you a message!" and then I send them a PM.

3. Private Message (PM)/Text/E-Mail (see script below)

"Hey lovely!! Have you used oils before too?"

"Yes, I use *insert crappy oil here* but I don't really do that much with it. I wasn't sure how to use it."

"Oh cool! Yeah, I got into oils about a year ago. I ended up going with Young Living because of their Seed to Seal Process. They LITERALLY control every single step in the process, so you can actually use them internally, as well as on the skin or diffused. It's crazy because at this point we use them for EVERYTHING. What else have you been thinking of using oils for?"

*See, a conversation. No pushy sales stuff, just a little info.
NOW at this point, I just keep the conversation going.
Remember that first and foremost we are here to HELP people, not to SELL oils.
Does she want more sleep? I tell her what I use on myself for sleep.
Muscle aches? Panaway is awesome. 
I just am myself!

4. Your friend wants to buy an oil.
“Okay, what which ones? Let me grab you prices”

5. Introduce Premium Starter Kit (see script below)
"Okay, so if I get you a Lavender, Panaway, and Peppermint with my discount, your total will be $80.25 plus tax and shipping. Which is not the best option. When I got started with oils, I got the Premium Starter Kit, and it has all 3 of those oils you want in it, plus 8 more, and a diffuser (which I literally use day and night) and a bunch of other goodies. It's $160 ($300 value if you bought them all individually) so it's kind of a no brainer based on what you want to try."

6. Send them sign up instructions:
“Here is how to order your kit! So excited for you! Click this link (insert your custom link), and choose “Member” - there are NO STRINGS ATTACHED to this whatsoever. No monthly requirement, and you never, ever have to sell a thing. As a member, you will get a 24% discount for the rest of the year on any additional oil purchases. Awesome. The number that should be entered as Enroller and Sponsor is ________. (insert your member number)

This is optional, but my tip is to add a custom Essential Rewards order and add Valor and Thieves Cleaner. Sleep and stress in one plus clean house. If you do it this way, you'll get a free oil and $5 back from YL in ER points. ER is the best way to start swapping out stuff you're already buying with healthier options. Don't need anything next month? Totally fine, just cancel it in two seconds with YL, but keep your freebies.

Let me know when you're all set and I will send you a welcome email and give you acces to our member area!! ”


More Scripts You Can Use

These scripts are here for you to use an inspiration. I recommend customizing them (remembering to stay FDA Compliant) and make them your own!

// Script 1 // aka I haven’t even received my kit yet but I am so excited! *Photo: Use a picture from the stock photos.

“After the millionth of my friends started using essential oils, I finally decided to see what all the fuss was about. Not really sure about how this is gonna go, but I am SO excited to find out. My Young Living starter kit is on it’s way, and we are so ready to get some quality sleep, chill out a bit, and start supporting our bodies with this plant medicine. Let the stalking of the mailman begin.”

// Script 2 // aka stressy situation going on *Photo: snap a picture of your bottle of Stress Away in your hand with chaos behind it OR snap a pic of your crazy children OR a pic of you being tired. Stay Authentic!

“Guys. Today has been one of those days. You know when you feel like you’ve yelled more than you wanted to, the laundry is piling up, the kids are maniacs, and you’re late to every appointment and hit every bit of traffic. Stress Away is saving my ass today!

// Script 3 // aka workout day *Photo: snap a photo of your sport equipment OR your bottle of Panaway or you on your way to the gym.

“Work out today has my muscles feeling tired. Post workout routine - panaway, peppermint, and copaiba. Feeling ready to go again tomorrow!”