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Health, because that is where it all starts.


My journey towards abundance started with becoming healthy. In the past, I didn't treat my body as a sacred vessel that I should be grateful for and my energy was influenced by that attitude. 

When I gained knowledge about what a healthy lifestyle meant, I made upgrades in my diet and slowly everything started to change for me.  

Here are some of the tools that helped me on my path.

FOOD - We eat an organic diet and most of our produce comes from Whole Foods Market. We really like their quality and the fact that we can bring our own cotton bags for our produce and bulk so we don't have to use plastic. We used to buy our dry food and bulk from Traders Joe but we recently invested in a Thrive Membership because they have amazing discounts on all our favorite products.

MUSHROOMS - Medicinal mushrooms are a big, big part of our diet. We drink Chaga + Reishi tea each and every day. have been for common cold or flu for us. My superfood elixir always has some sort of medicinal mushroom in it and we love Root and Bones and Superfeast for our powdered and mushroom extracts. 

SUPERFOODS - Superfoods are such a big part of our lifestyle. Actually, superfoods and herbs are our lifestyle. We truly belief in the power of food and using specific superfoods to boost areas that can use some extra support. I start each morning with a cup of Bulletproof coffee (their beans are the best!) that I blend with their Collagen Powder and Kerrygold grass-fed butter

SNACKS - Okay so we all know that I'm slightly obsessed with chocolate. Raw chocolate that is. Glorious, organic, healthy chocolate. I love to get my chocolate from Chocolita or Lulu's Chocolate...but my all time favorite is the amazing Addictive Wellness. Their cacao cups are filled with superfoods and are out of this world delicious!

SLEEP - I don't know about you but I am no fun to be around if I didn't have a good night sleep. Apart from work, sleep takes up the biggest chunk of our life, so it better be good and rejuvenating. I'm big on anything that supports my nighty rest so I diffuse Lavender Essential Oil before bed, I religiously drink my cup of sleepy time tea that I either make myself with herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs or I will take a Nighty Night from Traditional Medicinals when I'm lazy.

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Antioxidant Smoothie with blueberries, raspberries, plant protein, spinach and homemade nut milk.