Hey friends!
What is sharing all about? It's about learning natural ways to keep our bodies strong and empowered and encouraging each other to be advocates for ourselves when it comes to our health and our family's health.

Okay so I am going to condense a long story into a short one! A few summers ago, the FDA politely asked Young Living distributors to monitor what claims we make about Young Living products. It wasn't just us -- a lot of health companies, and every single essential oil company, was asked the same thing. Basically, it was a list of buzz words that we were asked not to use in connection with the products. Think of some big ailments that we might face with our health. Like the C word.

At first it was kind of annoying... because we KNOW what these oils can do... and it felt like we were being asked not to talk about those things. We've seen some pretty miraculous things even on our team in regards to health, and to not be able to share those stories just felt really crummy and deflating. I'll admit: I was annoyed Sometimes I still am.

But then I realized a few things.
1) I want essential oils in every home. Every darn home. If I truly believe in them (and I do... because they have changed. my. family's. lives.) then nothing will stop me from sharing these oils with people who need them. If they tell me I can't use the word "the" or I can't wear a blue shirt or I can't speak English anymore, while sharing these oils, I'd still find a way to share them because I truly believe in my heart of hearts that people NEED them. So that's that.

2) Have you seen some other MLM companies claiming some pretty insane things that made you feel icky inside? I'll give you an example. A while back there was a news article going around about a mom who committed suicide after losing her battle with Post Partum Depression. The article was shared thousands of times as people tried to bring awareness to PPD. In one shared post, a woman shared the article with the caption "She should have used Plexus products. Plexus can cure PPD." I am not joking you. It made me sick. And I never ever ever want Young Living to be represented in that light. (PS. I am not blaming Plexus for that one woman's actions). There are plenty of things we CAN say that will help people understand what these oils can do -- we do not need to make outrageous claims, pretend that we are doctors, diagnose people, claim we can "heal" people.... no. Just no. Not a path we want to go down.

3) Changing the conversation gives us POWER. What do we want people to feel in regards to their health -- HOPELESS or POWERFUL? Well, when we talk about ailments all the time... big scary ailments... diseases... unwellness... it can make us feel powerless. But when we talk about taking charge of our body's wellness before ailments ever happen? Keeping us ABOVE the wellness line -- not constantly struggling to get back up there? When we walk in positivity and power... there is goodness there. There is freedom there.
4) Compliance encourages us to know our crap. Let's say someone does have the C word. Instead of saying "I have something that will fix that right up!" (Again. Not cool. Don't ever say that to a friend.) we are now implored to dig deeper, ask questions, seek answers, read, and truly help support the exact area. "It sounds like you need support for your thyroid. Let me tell you what vitamins/minerals/compounds have been proven to support healthy thyroid function. Oh, and guess what, <insert name of YL product> is filled to the brim with that." Do you see how easy it can be to educate someone on what their body needs and how they can get it -- WITHOUT using buzz words that claim to diagnose, treat, or heal? (It can take some practice, but don't worry, it truly is so simple and we have tons of posts in here that will help ya)

5) Compliance encourages us to empower people to get a hold of resources. Hey, ya know that small, spiral bound reference guide I tell you about with the greenish cover by Life Science Publishing? GET THAT IN YOUR HOME AND EVERY SINGLE HOME ON THE PLANET. Help me in doing that. Every home needs it. It says a WHOLE bunch of things we can't say, because it wasn't written by a distributor, but a third party publisher. It's a gold mine. Mary Young herself told a friend of mine to get it into every person's hands that I can.
Compliance keeps us safe. Compliance keeps Young Living safe. Compliance keeps the people we're trying to help safe. And compliance is a good, empowering, thing.
We do NOT have to make outrageous claims to get these oils into every home.
So, I'll be posting some helpful links and graphics below, and I encourage you all to start POSTING and ANSWERING questions in a compliant way.
I love you guys!