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Young Living - The Basics of the Business

Young Living allows you to build a billable income you can leave to your children and family. There is no income ceiling, you are your own boss, you set your own hours, you can take time off and still get paid, it doesn't matter when you get into the company, the productis cosumable and it works. It's easier to share then any other product and the starter kit is afforadble. You get to see people around you experience financial freedom (you can't put a pricetag on seeing and helping your best friend build in order to retire her husband in future!), you get to build lifeslong friendships with people who care about natural health, you are able to work with friends anfd family...if those aren't enough reason to jump in...then you must already have the perfect job ;)

If we go back to the basics...there are only 3 steps to building your YL business.

1. Set up a class in any way you want. This can be an in-person class, a fun night with girlfriends, a Facebook or Instagram live or a post based event on Facebook. Invite everyone who you think would be interested. Pick a class script from the folder section in our group, and share it with the people who have showed up. Give the class. Help people who are interested sign up. And follow up with the people who are still on te fence afterwards. 

2. Pick 3 to 4 people who attended your class and ask them if they can invite people from their circle so you can give another class for that new circle. Give those 3 to 4 people a gift in return for inviting people. Give the class. Follow Up. Rinse and repeat. This way you will have a never ending cirlce of people!

3. Teach the people that have signed up with you the magic of Young Living, the importance of Essential rewards, and how they can do their own classes. 

That's it. In short. 

Why is Essential Rewards so "essential" for building? 

One of the first questions I get when a new member joins our team is "How do I get paid?" So here it is. You have to spend $100 a month to get a paycheck. I encourage you to sign up for ER, a once a month autoship program, because you get $10 or more back (10% of your pv) in points and free Oils. So to get a paycheck you are actually spending $90, and that's a wiser way to get paid. 

Breakdown : You get $50 for every premium starter kit that signs up with you. This is called the Starter Kit bonus. You also get 25% of everything they buy in the first 3 months, this is called Fast start.  After three months you get 8% of all they buy, if they enroll someone you get a 5% commision or that new person's PV. If they enroll somsone you get a 4 % commision of that PV, this is called Unilevel Bonus and as a star, enior star and executive you are also eligaible for the Rising Star Bonus (more about that in your VO or in the group). 

So your paycheck is made up out of 4 parts. Starterkit Bonus, Fast Start. Unilevel and Rising Star Bonus. 

Now that we know what is possible, how we can reach it, and what we get paid, let's take a look at how we can do the work to get there. 


So most of our Young Living work is done via Facebook. Our groups, the contact we make with others, the people we try to enroll...all on Facebook...which is dangerous because Facebook can be a Thief of our time. I advise you to set time blocks for yourself and during that time do workrelated things on FB only. I personally use the Facebook Messenger app on my computer, this app will only notify me when someone sends me a private message. I get easily distracted by notification on Facebook, so this app is a must for me! 

Make IPA time blocks and keep to them.

Income producing activities or in other words IPA's, are what you can do to help people grab their oils and build your team, so let's look at those three steps in detail again. 

1. Enroll People (don't overwhelm them. Don't send someone a novel on the science of EO's when they just want their kid to sleep! Let them ask for more info. Keep it simple and short!)
2. Teach your people to enroll people ("so happy you're using your oils and loving them! Here is your link in case your cousin Jane wants to grab oils or whatever!") don't go into the compensation plan and all that jazz for a new person. Help them enroll simply.
3. Get people on ER (again, simplify. It's awesome. You get free stuff. No commitment. Do it.) when it sounds complicated, people will say NO
4. Teach your people to get their people on ER.
5. Increase current member orders. The easiest customer to get is the one you already have. GUYS. They already love their oils. EDUCATE THEM. Make it easy. Learn something new and TELL PEOPLE what you've learned.

Rinse and Repeat!