Create from the Soul!


We're going to take a look at your online presence in this module. What can you do to improve your social media channels? And how do you present yourself?

I want to start with this...look around, check out what other people are doing to build their business!

Why is it important to look at content of other people? It helps us to become inspired and motivated! I have had so many ideas by just looking at how other people share their oils or promote their business. Keep things authentic to your brand, don't steal photos or text from someone else but also...don't try to reinvent the wheel...if someone is doing something that might possibly work for your followers as well create something similar and send them a mental thank you! 



Facebook tips
Okay so you have two options can either create a business page and start sharing about oils there, but I wouldn't recommend that. Building up a business page on FB takes a long time and a lot of work. I personally noticed that my Business page is not helping me at all when it comes to building my YL business. Sharing your experiences on your personal page and working with the friendlist you already have works so much better.

However...if your Personal page is going to be your "businesscard" it is probably in need of a little upgrade. 

I want to share two Facebook Profiles with you to show you what you can do to upgrade yours. Both of these ladies (yes one is me) are Young Living Distributors. But you can only tell from one profile. Don't get me wrong, this is an amazing woman, but she is not making use of the options on her Facebook profile to promote her business. So try to keep an overall vibe on your profile when it comes to colors. Use the intro section wisely and let people know that you are a Young Living Distibutor and your member number. Add some Oil photos in the photos showcase that you have underneath your intro. 

Also, regarding your posts, this page is what people will see when they decide to sign up with you, so try to keep it “clean” and focused on your oils and lifestyle, and not so much on your personal life. Keep it professional, go easy on linking to the work of others or articles, no “funny videos”, no cute puppies, keep at least 4 to 5 hours between your posts and a maximum of 5 posts a day. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.28.25 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.31.40 PM.png


Instagram tips
How you handle your Instagram feed differs from your Facebook. Instagram is all about snapshots and seeing those “everyday” moments. You can be a bit more casual here. But still, keep it professional, don’t “repost”, work with hashtags in your comments rather than in your accompanying text, keep at least 4 to 5 hours between your posts and a maximum of 3 posts a day. and one of the most important ones on Instagram...use high quality pictures. 
Here are some examples of good and bad pictures. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.00.51 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.01.06 PM.png


Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.59.44 PM.png

When it comes to Instagram, its not only about your pictures, you also have to look at how they show up at your feed. So working with an app like "LATER" helps you to see beforehand how a new picture will match the rest of your feed. If you already have above 500 followers on your Insta account you might want to continue sharing about your oils on that account because. Otherwise it might be nice to start a seperate Oil account and use that for pretty relevant pictures only. 

YES!!!! Gorgeous colors, lovely vibes, lifestyle focussed!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.57.39 PM.png

YES!!!! Beautiful photos, fresh flowers, lovely overall vibe!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 1.58.29 PM.png


NO!!! Hamburgers + dunking donuts and Young Living...not the best combo. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.02.14 PM.png

NO!!!! Bad quality photos, not overall vibe and not organized.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 2.02.42 PM.png