Green directory - self care

Morning and evening rituals can make all the difference in the world. 


When we care for our bodies we deepen the connection with our souls, which will in turn activate our intuition. By understanding what it is that our soul needs, we can take action and create a daily flow that gives us energy, and a lifestyle in which we thrive.

Here are the staples in my daily self-care rituals or as I like to call them...soul-care rituals

FACE - I've been using the MOA skin line for years now and I'm a huge fan of pretty much every product they have created. I use their Aphrodite Face Oil in the summer and their Green Balm with Bamboo cloth every single day to clear my face before I go to bed.  I absolutely love Apoterra Skincare's color-coded line. I personally use blue because that's the line for oily skin, which I tend to have. Their Neroli toner and Night serum are so good!

BODY - On my body, I don't like to use normal soap, so I use a diluted version of Dr. Bronners Castile Soap. Before I jump into the shower I dry brush from head to toe (my dry brush is from Ginger Chi). I also have a little mason jar of coconut oil in the shower that I use all of my body before I get out of the shower. 
HAIR - Years back, before I knew anything about health I messed up my hormones by living a very stressful life. Bringing your hormones back in balance takes an awfully long time. Because of my imbalance, my hair began to thin out and was very prone to breakage. I swear by Biotin B Complex Thickening Shampoo from Avalon, Rosemary Scalp masks, and Living Libations hair products. 

MOUTH - Dental care is super important to me. Partly because I don't believe in drilling holes in your teeth and filling them up with chemical substances, and partly because I'm scared of the dentist. That's why I'm very thorough when it comes to dental care. My routine: Oil Pulling with Dr. Bronners Oil, Tongue Scraping, Brushing my teeth with the Sonicare and my Thieves Toothpaste, then floss and then Thieves Mouthwash. Two to Three times a week I will brush with activated charcoal and clove oil before bed.

BEAUTY - Beauty is something you own as a human. No matter what you like, you are gorgeous. I don't like to see makeup as something that we need, or something that make us more beautiful. It's just something that we chose to adorn ourselves with sometimes. Like jewelry or clothing. I don't use a lot of make-up but when I do I only want clean products on my face. My mascara and foundation are from Elate, my cheek and lip stain from Fat and The Moon and I have sun protection from Manda


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