Ashley Knight

Meet Ashley

Greetings! I'm Ashley Rose Knight. I've always had a deep connection and love for plants. I married someone with the same feelings and now we have three little sprouts, Cedar, Lily and Daisy. I live in the woods of Maine where I homeschool my three children. I've been using oils for years now and they are my favorite go to thing for just about anything from cleaning to aiding in keeping my families immune system rocking through the cold winter months.


My husband works very hard so that I can stay home with our children. I dream of one day having him home more. I dream of traveling while homeschooling. I dream of sharing my passion of plant magic with the world and I dream of everyone taking the health of their families into their own hands. My why is simple, I love oils and I want to share them with you all, while fulfilling my desire to own a business and make extra money for my family to be together more and travel the world.


Acton, USA - Cell: 207-205-2447

To such an extent does nature delight and abound in variety that among her trees there is not one plant to be found which is exactly like another; and not only among the plants, but among the boughs, the leaves and the fruits, you will not find one which is exactly similar to another.
— Leonardo da Vinci