Alina timmler

Meet Alina

I am Alina and I am 29 years old. I was born and raised in the west of Germany. I am a Capricorn with moon in Aquarius. I love beeing in the nature even in the rain. I love the seasons but my favorite time is the summer after the beauty of the spring, time for new beginnings. For a peaceful mind I go for a run at least 2 times in a week. I really need that movement for my body, spirit and mind. Meditations and writing helps me to focus. I love drinking tea all the year. But I love also a glass of wine, specially on hot summer nights under a sky full of stars. I am obsessed with books and reading since I was a little girl. Osho, Dr. Joseph Murphy, Napoleon Hill and Carlos Ruiz Zafón are my favorites. But i read what i can find. I love to travel to new places and I love to get inspired everywhere I go. I love animals, our environment and our mother earth. The holistic and spiritual "thing" is my thing. I trust the universe and i believe everything is connected.


I love freedom and independence. Always did. When I was young I sneaked out of kindergarten and went to the woods next to it and sit there speaking with birds. My teachers never let me out of their sight after that. I want to be surrounded with good vibes. I want a non toxic environment and even after just a few days with my oils I was obsessed with them. I love the high quality of them. I believe the essential oils can change your body and mind and I am excited to see where this journey will take me. Hope to make the earth a better place and make the people feel better and healthier. So, 2019 will be pretty oily I think!


Germany - Cell: 177-309-1449

Begin each day with a grateful heart.
— Roy Bennett