The Oil Method
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The Oil Method
Changing lives through the power of plants.

The Oil Method 


Changing lives through the magic of plants.


Oils + Abundance

24/7 support, Classes and education at your fingertips!

I'm here to support you in the lifestyle that you desire while you call in abundance. It's time to align your dreams with your reality.

We would love for you to join our community so you can learn more about what essential oils - the life force of plants - can offer you.

Wellness, Abundance and Community, it's all waiting for you.  

I'm excited to meet you there!

xo, Iris

When I realized the work you put into this Iris, I knew I couldn’t pass up a chance to grow. I don’t feel as if you are just appealing to me as a business partner, I feel as if I am being engaged on a deeper level. And I really dig that. The community support you offer is far more reaching than I ever expected, your business model will save me tons of time putting content together for networking, all of which makes it possible for me to take this on while I reach deeper within myself and rise.
— J.Z